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550 Series 5.2 Theater

Our 550 Series Bundle is an excellent entry-level Theater packed with value! If you're looking for a system that won't break the bank but will still impress your friends and family, look no further than our 550 Series Theater.

Front Speakers - Episode 550 In-Wall LCR

The 550 LCR sets the bar HIGH with two 6.5" cone woofers. Complemented by a .75" Teteron tweeter for the highs, you won't skip a beat. These three In-Wall Speakers make up the front three channels of your 5.2 system. With a paintable, micro-perforated thin bezel grille, you have the option to totally customize the look of your theater.

Subwoofer - Two Episode Evolution 240W 6" Woofers

Utilizing a DRiVE Digital Amplifier, this little guy packs a huge punch! But it doesn't stop there. A beautiful piano gloss finish in black or white turns this powerhouse into a beauty. Double the fun with two subwoofers to add Left and Right Directional Bass. Throw in the Wireless kit and you've got a flexible setup.

Surround Speakers - Episode 150 In-Wall Speakers

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